Thursday, 8 April 2010

Baladin Super (8%abv)

It's not super. Well, it's super in the sense of 'jolly nice'. It's a very well-made doppelbock beer with a faint sprinkling of spicy hops. Maybe it wouldn't sell so well if labelled 'doppelbock'. 'BockBock' might look nice, although maybe it would suggest chicken rather than goat.

Or am I taking this too literally? Should I also be upset at the lack of daemons in Hopdaemon Green Daemon? Should I be outraged that Carlsberg Special Brew isn't actually that special? Or the lack of urine flavours in the Mannekin Pis-branded Cantillon Gueuze? Wait, that last one's actually a fair representation of what you get.


  1. If your Urine tastes like Cantillion Gueuze, it could be a sign you're drinking too much! :P

  2. I was warned off Baladin beers by more than one Italian recently, both in an off license and in a bar. They both said that while they're not bad, you can get much better Italian beer.

  3. Chunk - sadly, I don't taste it often enough to tell!

    Bob - I'm still keen to try the rest of the range. There's a sweet spot somewhere between "well made but ordinary" and "undrinkable craft toss" into which I hope Baladin will fall.

  4. I think "well made but ordinary" would fit the bill. I really liked the Open Baladin, I was told he brewed it after being "introduced to hops", at least that's what the chap in the shop said.

    I'd like to try some of the Xyauyù, but it was €27 a bottle, which was a bit too much...


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