Friday, 29 October 2010

CANCELLED: World Tour (Birmingham Leg)

I'm really sorry to have to cancel my tasting at the Birmingham Beer Fest. The common cold has got the better of me.

Banks's motto, 'fide et fortitudine' means 'by fidelity and fortitude'. With truth and strength on my side, I hope to reschedule this for later in the year, or early next.


  1. Get well soon, fella. Any chance of a video blog of cold remedies?

  2. I forgot to mention to you earlier — I recall a senior beer writer doing a Coopers Vintages tasting while under the influence of a heavy cold.

  3. Cookie - sadly not, I can barely smell anything today.

    Adrian - a senior beer writer with a predilection for Cooper's Vintage - now who could you mean...?

  4. Anything mixed with Night Nurse usually does it for me. Boy the dreams!


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