Sunday, 4 September 2011

Do You Want To Be Paid To Drink Beer?

A friend of mine is doing some market research in Leeds, West Yorkshire, this week. If you're a bloke, 45 years old or over, and want to be paid £25 to drink 3 pints of bitter on consecutive nights (I'm not making this up, honest!), then why not drop her an email? Her name's Lisa, and you can reach her on lhpringle(at), or call her on zero seven seven one eight, two five two three nine seven.

Please spread the word to any 45+, Leodesian ale-drinking men you may know.


  1. Is that one pint a night over three nights, or three pints a night over three nights? ;-)

  2. 45+ that is ageist. I demand a reduction to 42+.

  3. Curmudgeon - 3 pints a night, both nights

    Jeff - I wouldn't think so, no

    Banksy - they're not my rules, sorry.

  4. Phone number now added, at her request.

  5. Please extend this offer to Finland, cheers!

  6. I'm fairly sure you just crashed the hotmail server.

  7. I demand age-alteration to my age, and relocation of the exercise to south Antrim.

  8. Do you have to prove you're an old codger or can you just claim to be one?

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  10. Mind you guys, it depends on which type of beer you will have to taste. I would be happy to choose the best real ales on the market or the belgian ones!


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