Friday, 14 September 2012

Great North Run (Update)

I won't make this any longer or more detailed than it needs to be, but I've been suffering with a stomach bug all week, and have made the decision to pull out of the Great North Run this weekend.

It was a hard decision. The organisers make it very clear that if you don't feel 100%, you shouldn't run, and not having eaten properly all week, combined with a fair amount of, ahem, fluid loss, has made me reluctantly see sense and bail out.

I will be registering for another half marathon in the next few days. Birmingham Half Marathon is another BUPA-organised run, in mid-October, and seems the most likely candidate at this point. If you've sponsored me, thanks very much, it really means a lot to me. I'll still be honouring your pledge with 13.1 miles, just in a different city.

Onwards and upwards.


  1. Damn shame, but sensible decision. All the best for Birmingham (and yes, I will get my wallet out).

  2. Such a shame, but good on your for being honest about it, and giving another one a go soon. Feel better and happy runnung :)

  3. Zak I know how you must feel - just made a similar decision re. Cardiff Half I'm due to run with my big sister 'cos I am actually limping on my achilles! But you are doing absolutely the right thing. 13.1 miles feeling under the weather is horrible and possibly downright dangerous.....not the way to go for the first of what'll probably be many ludicrous episodes of running with loads of other lunatics. Hope you find a good replacement soon and chin up xx


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