Friday, 19 February 2010

On Pub Quizzes and Hop Cannons: A Birthday Ramble

It's my birthday. I'm 40. I'm having a beer and food dinner with friends later, as mentioned here, and as you may guess, I'm going to write about in excrutiating detail. But for now, a ramble of things that have happened lately.

First up, there's an effort being made to stage the world's biggest pub quiz. I haven't seen any other bloggers mention it (apologies if you have, I can't read everything), so why not have a look at their website, or follow them on Teitter. Go on, it's for charity.

Secondly, at the start of the year I wrote a spoof piece about the worst beer in the world. In it, I mention that the brewery resorted to shooting hops from a cannon. What a ludicrous thought - who in their right mind would do such a thing? Well, at the Dogfish Head dinner the other evening, I was talking to Andreas from Vertical Drinks (the importers), and he mentioned that the 90 Minute IPA actually does have hops shot into it from a gas-activated cannon. You can see the video about it here.

Finally, thanks to everyone for their best wishes, via Twitter, email, text and old-fashioned but much-prized cards - I'm touched. With astounding timing, as I sat typing this, a courier arrived at the door with a gift case of beer from Hall & Woodhouse, or Badger as they are more commonly known. Thanks very much to Badger for their generosity. I'm off to see them in a few weeks, and you can expect a write up on that, and their beers, in the fullness of time. Cheers!


  1. Hey Zac, thanks so much for mentioning the World's Biggest Pub Quiz. As I write, we have 178 quizzes registered all around the UK and as far away as India. All are raising funds to help the Family Holiday Association give disadvantaged children a much-needed family break by the seaside.

    It's really easy to take part, so please ask your local pub to get involved!

  2. Firstly Happy Birthday,

    Secondly I see you mention the Worst Beer in the World - Then I see a photo of a case of 'Bland Beer from Blandfrd'. Excellent choice for worst beer!
    Sorry I haven't had any time for H & W since they purchased then closed my local brewery, King & Barnes.

    Great blog / website.

    the BeerBiker

  3. Track written! Don't blow an o-ring tonight!

  4. Thanks BeerBiker, although H&W are a long way from the worst beer in my book. I've a particular fondness for Tanglefoot, which was one of by teeth-cutting ales in my teens.

    Whorst - I'm flattered, as always

    Leigh - thanks mate


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