Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wikio Rankings Preview - January 2011

Disgusted at being knocked off the top spot (hey, when you're #1, there's only one way to go), Pete Brown has asked me to preview the Wikio rankings for this month. I'm kidding, of course - I just emailed him and asked if I could present them for a change. Why doesn't someone else do it next time?

Aside from a little light jostling for position (although the re-appearance of Shut Up About Barclay Perkins and a new entry from The Good Stuff are welcome sights), I guess the obvious big news is that several wine blogs have reappeared in the top 20. Personally, I think this is a good thing - any traffic that goes between wine and beer writing and allows more exposure to each has to be positive.

Only one question remains - will Sid Boggle manage a re-entry next month with a tribute to the late Gerry Rafferty? - January Wine and Beer Ranking
1Brew Dog Blog (+1)
2Pencil & Spoon (+1)
3Pete Brown's Blog (-2)
4Zythophile (+1)
5Beer Reviews (+4)
6Bibendum Wine (+16)
7Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog (+6)
8Tandleman's Beer Blog (-1)
9Are You Tasting the Pith? (-1)
10The Pub Curmudgeon (-4)
11Called to the bar (+3)
12I might have a glass of beer (+7)
13Shut up about Barclay Perkins (+11)
14Master Brewer at Adnams (+4)
15The Good Stuff (+26)
16Drinking Outside The Box (+45)
17Sour Grapes (+11)
18Thornbridge Brewers' Blog (-8)
19Rabid About Beer (-7)
20Travels With Beer (+6)

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  1. If the number one beer blog is - by definition - the beer blog with the most overall influence, and that beer blog happens to be the in-house blog of an individual brewery, does that not pose all sorts of questions about the role, or the purpose, or indeed the influence of blogs in general?

    Or am I just being a shade too Orwellian...?

  2. No. It's an advertorial, not a blog.

  3. Don't worry mate, you're still the best and Pete Brown sucks,

    all the best

  4. was wondering how far i'd fall this week!¬

  5. A one-off spike, i'm sure! must be all that spam I get from Viagra. They're good to me.

  6. Hearty Goodfellow:

    Elephant in the room?

  7. I agree! As much as I like Brewdog's beers their blog is more of a News section than an actual blog. As Tandleman says its an advertorial!

    Kick them out!

    Also they used a photo I took without asking and when I brought it up they didn't even respond.

    Where's the HopZine love James?

  8. Why is it it only beer and wine? What about tramp based meths drinking blogs?

  9. Then, judging by the overall reaction here, I deduce that an elephant named "Advertorial" is in our room.

    How do spell 'hijacked' in Canine?

    Does any here speak Dog?

    Or Elephant for that matter?

  10. OK everyone, I don't think it's any secret that BrewDog's blog is a little more commercially driven than most. You could argue that many of the top blogs are publicity-driven - mine included. Most of us have something to sell, even if it is only our opinion in the form of paid writing.

    DeGarre - that's very kind of you to say, but I suck a lot more than Pete.

    Cookie - they're too busy begging, buying and drinking meths to form any sort of co-ordinated geek army.


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