Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bir & Fud, Rome

This post is non-sequential, in that I ate at Bir & Fud the first night I was in Rome. Seated at the table are Leo di Vincenzo and Sam Calagione, apparently have an animated discussion over a jar of smoked humous. The rest of the diners are some of the Discovery channel team who were filming Sam. The guy opposite me at dinner was a definite convert to the craft beer cause. In fact, the whole crew had moved from drinking domestic industrial lager to drinking craft beer since the start of the project. Characteristically for recent converts, they couldn't believe how much of their life they had wasted drinking ordinary boring beer. So if you haven't made the change yet, think on.

If you've read the previous few posts, you'll already know that I'm quite smitten with Rome. The pizzas in Bir & Fud are proper wood-fired fellows, very slightly charred and blistered from the oven that you can see behind Leo. The food is great, the beer selection is great, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Of course, sitting with a couple of world-class brewers undoubtedly helps in the service stakes, but even so, the place was packed full of happy diners. And on reflection, in a place with a beer list like this, I'd be perfectly happy if it took a little longer than expected to get my food - that leaves plenty of time for another beer.


  1. *droool* - and what a line up. wonderful stuff. I don't think I'll be able to visit Rome in september, but reading this, I wish I was. Wood Fired pizza's are one of god's own creations and soooo versatile with beer. A slice for all types, so to speak. Sounds great, man.

  2. Right!

    beer + pizza = shit
    craft beer + craft pizza = heaven


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