Monday, 4 January 2010

Brewing at the Sharp End

I remember when I thought video blogging on 52 beers in a year was ambitious, but here's an interesting project that's worth following.

Stuart Howe, brewer at Sharp's of Rock in Cornwall is undertaking an staggeringly ambitious project to brew 52 new beers this year.

If you only know about Sharp's through their all-conquering Doom Bar, think again. Stuart brews a great range of stronger, mostly Belgian-inspired beers that are only available by mail order from the brewery shop. In fact, most of the best ones are so limited that you need to call them and place an order in person. It's certainly worth doing so, although I can't help you with a password, I'm afraid.

On the mainstream front, if you haven't tried Sharp's Chalky's Bite, then get to a supermarket (I think Sainsburys and Waitrose currently stock it). And if you want to know more about Sharp's, then you can look at my write-ups here and here.

Follow Stuart's blog - at least that way we can pressure him into making good on his promise

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