Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year's Day Lunch

We're off out for lunch at a friend's house shortly. They, like us, have a toddler, and so have also been up since 5am after an early night.

We're having roast pork, and so the dilemma is what to take with us to drink. Not which beer - classically, weissebier would be the answer, although I've got a magnum of La Chouffe in the cellar that's a few years old, and I bet would be great with a big, sweet, fatty shoulder of roast pork - but whether to take beer or wine. By a happy coincidence, both bottles are dated 2005.

I know, it seems like heresy to mention the W-word, but most of the people I know aren't massive beer fans. The notion of turning up with a huge bottle of strong Belgian beer is as alien as turning up asking if I can fry some baby stoats as a starter - it might be tolerated, but only just.

Maybe I'll take along some smaller bottles of interesting beer as a way of breakng the ice. These are the same people who came to dinner when I had the mini-kegs from Sharp's in the fridge - they know what I'm like, and I'd hate to disappoint them. I've got a few of the BrewDog "dubplate" white label Trashy Belgian left - that should put an edge on our appetites.

Or maybe I should be a good guest and take beer and wine, and let them decide what they want to drink?

POST-LUNCH POSTSCRIPT: Frankly, the La Chouffe kicked the arse of a bottle of pretty good Puligny-Montrachet. I've got a lot of wine in the cellar that I'm no longer enthusiastic about drinking. Make me an offer.


  1. ooo I see a bottle of wheat stout there on the shelf.
    will you be doing your year of beer vblogs on here?

  2. It's Stannington, actually. And yes, I think I'm going to port this into my website via an iframe (whatever that means) and move the blogging and vlogging to here.

  3. Actually, you're right Stu - there's some Stannington above it too.


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