Sunday, 3 January 2010

Get Back to Work

Today is my first day of work since December 23rd 2009. By all accounts, the shop is devoid of stock, and we're about to get hit with a load of snow, so my work today is going to be (a) keeping warm and (b) ordering enough stock to make the shop look like a shop again.

Priorities are: restocking with local beers; finding what Sierra Nevada beers are available; how well has BrewDog done over the New Year; and planning our works outing on the 11th January. I'm hoping that it coincides with the cask of De Molen's Blood, Sweat & Tears Bruichladdich Cask Finish going on at The Grove Inn in Huddersfield. Now that would be a party to remember (or at least try to remember)


  1. ah, i popped over yesterday morning but you were shut!! oh well, i'll drop in next week - I heqar you have some of the brewdog/stone colab in right now...

  2. Ah, sorry mate - we're now midday to 9pm, 7 days. I'm there all of those hours on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, Do you want me to put some Bashah aside for you?

  3. I really want to try that De Molen on draft. I just need an excuse to go to Huddersfield!


  4. I've just checked - it's on now!

    Bugger, it means that we probably won't be drinking it next Monday

  5. Zak - if you wouldnt mind, that would be great. I'll pop over at the weekend some time. new opening times duly noted!!


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