Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday Beer Quiz

This could be number one in an occasional series of quizzes, or it could be the first and last quiz. There is no prize, other than the admiration of fellow beer enthusiasts. But I will be running a competition in a couple of months that has a great prize - a bottle of very old beer.

But back to today. The laughably easy question is: whose handwriting is this? It's somebody pretty famous in the world of brewing. If you can figure out what it says, do a bit of sleuthing as to where and what it refers to, you might be able to have a stab at who it is.

Good luck!


  1. Ehh, someone scrawling about this place, and the head brewer, Martin Matuška.

    As to who scrawled it, if you say they're famous, I'd be tempted to say Michael Jackson.

  2. Morrisey of Morrisey Fox. He was on men behaving badly and had a telly show where he opened a pub & set up a brewery.

  3. Is this a fun quiz or a specialist subject on Mastermind?!?!

  4. I've started so I'll finish (this beer).

  5. Rab - it's not Norbert Kramer

    Barry - you're right about the brewery, but it's not Michael Jackson. It was written down by the person in question in response to a faintly cheeky question from me along the lines of "Are there any small Czech breweries whose beers you enjoy?"

    Cookie - nor is it Neil Morrisey

    Mark RAR - maybe I've set the bar a bit high?!

  6. Roger Protz? Cheeky because of his Staropramen hobby horse.

  7. A bit?! I think I'll pass on Jeff's Eggheads if the standard is this high... Although count me in for University Challenge for Beer Bloggers, I'm flippin' ace at that!

  8. Josef Tolar, formerly head brewer at Budvar?

  9. Bosola - not Roger, no.

    Mark RAR - I nearly went on the Eggheads beer writers team last year. I'm not sure I would have been an asset.

    Barm - DING! One point to you. Well deduced, and thereby demonstrating your superior mental prowess.

    I was lucky enough to sit next to Mr Tolar at lunch while visiting Budvar earlier this year. I was a bit freaked out at being say next to a brewing legend. I'd half proved myself worthy during the brewery tour by knowing what kieselgur is, but man cannot rest on his laurels. I made chit-chat about zoigl (he'd never heard of it) and small Czech breweries.

    So, St Norbert's comes with the endorsement of a brewing legend. But has anyone been there? And what's it like?

  10. I couldn't have got it without the additional information about the 'cheeky question'.


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