Sunday, 27 June 2010

Stonch Unmasked

Although I try not to blog about blogging (and I seem to type those words with increasing frequency these days), I note that Stonch's Beer Blog has recently moved from being a password protected, invite-only zone back to a publicly accessible blog.

Are we about to see a return to blogging by ex-lawyer, now successful landlord, Jeff Bell?

(For the avoidance of doubt, I haven't been looking every day to see if anything changed. I'm off to Rome in a couple of days, and was surprised that Jeff's notes on Rome were turning up on Google, and were accessible to all again)


  1. I have no idea, but I'm glad the blog is public again. There are some great posts on there and it woud be a shame if they were lost.

  2. Don't you mean solicitor Avery??

  3. Monty - he calls himself a lawyer, and who am I to argue.

  4. I believe lawyer is a term that covers both solicitors and barristers.

  5. Its been back on public for awhile. Its terrible when it was password only, I often use to prove to disbelievers that theres good beer happening in Italy.


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