Saturday 4 May 2013

Beer-Ritz - Bottling Success.

This is just a little heads up about Leigh Linley's interview of, er, me, over at Culture Vultures. It was very nice of Leigh to take the time to do this, and also interesting because it was more focused on independent business than on beer.

The most telling thing aspect of it, for me, was the fact that I started working at the shop in 2000. My claim that ‘We were selling beer before a lot of the current cream of UK brewing existed. We were pretty pleased when they finally joined the party’ isn't hyperbole or braggadocio, it's just fact.

Anyway, times change. Beer is certainly hip right now - whether that translates into it becoming popular, reversing the apparent decline of recent years, is something that only time will reveal.

On a related note, the nominations for the annual Observer Food Monthly Awards are open. While it's obvious who I want you to vote for, there are other categories that we don't fit into, and other businesses that need your support and recognition. You can vote here (it's a bit weird - you have to submit your details first - but I'm sure you'll get it).