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We're the longest-established online bottled beer shop in the UK. You've been able to buy beer online from us since 1998. We're the originals.
Real ale, craft beer, bottled beer, imported lagers, stouts, fruit beers, from Britain, to Belgium, round Europe, and back again. If you are either a dedicated beer connoisseur in search of something special, or if you are just starting to explore the world of quality beers, then welcome to heaven!
We're an independent business who likes to buy beer from independent breweries and sell it to discerning customers. There's no gimmicks, there's no crazy unsustainable discounts, there's no nonsense, just great beer at a fair price, sent to you as quickly as possible (usually next day if you order before midday - see our T&C's for more details). No hoopla, no rocket science, just good beer.
We carry a huge range of beers from all over the world, from the best of traditional and contemporary British brewing – Verdant, Polly's Brew Co, Arbor Ales, Cloudwater, Pressure Drop, Tiny Rebel, New Bristol, Magic Rock, Mallinsons, Little Critters, Sam Smiths, Vocation, Wilde Child, and many more besides, to Belgian classics like Orval, Westmalle, Chimay and Duvel. Alongside that, we carry a solid range of German classics – Bitburger, Kostritzer, Benediktiner, Schneider & Sohn, Erdinger, Augustiner and Jever.

Buy Chimay Red  ("chimay red" p2 #3 17.10.22)

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