Tuesday 7 February 2012

Sweet Treats and Beer

A huge thanks to Leigh of The Good Stuff for his sterling baking odyssey that resulted in some stellar baked goods for our beer and food matching evening. Words can't do justice to how great the matches were, but here goes:

Baked Vanilla Cheesecake with Oakham Hawse Buckler or Summer Wine Teleporter

If there is anything that will convert a sceptic to the cause of beer and food matching, it's this pairing. Rich creamy cheesecake against bittersweet roasted flavours. Exceptional.

Banana and Fudge Bread with Maisels Dunkel or Erdinger Dunkel

This was the pairing that I was the most sceptical of, but as it turns out, I don't in fact know everything. The match of spice, malt and banana in both was a winner, and ,ike a high tea for grown ups, the absorbency of the bred against the fluffy texture of the weissebier was revelatory.

Chocolate Brownie with Mort Subite Kriek or Timmermans Framboise

What's not to like? Rich dark chocolate, set off against a sweetly fruity backdrop, with the bitterness of the brownie and the faintly wild notes of the beers keeping everything lively on the palate. Cracking stuff.

If you came along, please let us know what you thought. If you didn't, shame on you! If you're not in Leeds, and you can bake, why not get in touch with your local bottle shop and suggest something similar? It's fun!

Women! Men! Beer! Cake!

Leigh issues careful instructions: "YOU! CAKE! NOW!"

Jeff, hard at work, clearly looks annoyed that someone wants some of 'his' cakes.


  1. It may have been luck, but it was more likely a testament to Leigh's baking skills but; the beers were picked out in about 4/5 mins by me and Leigh to match with the food.

  2. Ghostie - I think Leigh might have had something in mind when he did the baking?

  3. Are these things like free? Free grog for me, free cake for the squeeze.

  4. He did have beer styles in mind, but we had to choose what we had plenty of in the cellar! :)

  5. Dominic, Thornbridge Brewery8 February 2012 at 20:18

    Damn it Ghostie, I want to believe Leigh spent weeks agonising over the matches. Stop spoiling it.

  6. Shame I couldn't join you...children stopped play. The one which catches my eye is the Chocolate Brownie with Mort Subite Kriek or Timmermans Framboise. I'm a bit of a dab-hand (sounds bad) at baking brownies and will be giving this a go! Hope to support you if you do this kind of thing again.

  7. Hahaha, what a debate. For Dom's sake - I will clarify. I had 2/3 matches in mind beforehand (as per Zak and my conversations in the preceding weeks) and then once at the shop we (Jeff, Ghostie and I) matched that shortlist up with what was available. A group effort, for sure.
    It was good fun and the feedback I've had from those that came has all been massively positive. thanks to all! And those who couldn't make it....you missed out!

  8. Leigh's vanilla cheesecake was divine with the Oakham. Great beers, delicious food and ace company ...more.

  9. These types of events would be great to see in other areas as well. A great way for the uninitiated to take their first steps to the dark side.

  10. Great idea, so glad it went well and god dammit I want to live in Leeds!!

    Can't wait till it goes on tour... ;)


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