Thursday, 7 March 2013

Resisting The Wine-ification Of Beer

That's a litre of homebrew, fresh as a daisy, glistening with condensation. PHWOAR!

You want to moan about beer getting too fancy? Oh look, Rome's on fire - grab a violin and join the party.


  1. I like the idea of beer going upmarket. Once I discovered Belgium and the concept of sitting down and drinking a strnog beer slowly, preferably with some cheese I was hooked. A visit to Kulminator, Antwerp with its array of aged beers and I had moved from real ale drinker to fully paid up beer geek.

  2. Well you know, at one time a bucket looking very much like that was a staple of the working districts of many American cities. It was called a growler, used to ferry beer from the tavern to home for quick consumption. And so except that the beer was simply sloshed in the container rather than the latter holding a bottle, not much has changed really. Ah but the nub surely is how that beer in the goblet tastes and it looks most appetizing I must say.



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