Thursday, 18 April 2013

European Beer Bloggers Conference 2013

This just in from the organisers of the conference - press release starts starts here:
The 2013 European Beer Bloggers Conference takes place July 12-13 in Edinburgh, Scotland The conference offers industry representatives and members of beer media the opportunity to get together for a few days to talk and learn more about beer and the beer industry. There are over 1150 non-industry related beer bloggers in the world. We expect 120 of the most enthusiastic “new media” beer influencers to attend in 2013.

This is the number one event in which you can meet, learn from, and make connections with beer bloggers - the "citizen" influencers who write about beer on a regular basis on the internet. The content is also geared towards using social media in the beer world, which is a huge part of today's industry marketing.

You or someone at your brewery may use social media to promote your beer events or your latest brew. Good idea. If you want to learn about using social media more effectively attending the conference as a participant is also a good idea. You or they can register here:

The following marketing opportunities are still available. Benefits and costs of the sponsorships are listed below the signature.
  • 2 more breweries to take part in Live Beer Blogging

  • One brand has the opportunity to host an After Hours event at the Edinburgh City Council Chambers starting at 9PM on Saturday evening, July 13th

  • Sponsor to host lunch on Saturday, July 13th from 12:00 to 1:30. This is an opportunity to share a variety of beers, food and information.

  • Premier & Event Sponsors

Press release ends here.

Anyone interested in the last few sponsorship opportunities should contact Reno Walsh ( reno(at) ).


  1. With there be a craft beer debate?

    1. I don't see why there won't be. It's a beer bloggers' convention, not a real ale one.

  2. Thanks for this post, Zak! The conference date is wrong (sorry - our error in the original press release). The dates are the 12-13. Can you update? Thank you!

  3. Good to know about European Beer Bloggers Conference 2013


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