Monday, 2 May 2011

Wikio Rankings Preview - April 2011

It's Wikio time again folks, and before you scroll down to see what's happened recently, let me summarise it for you: little change.

Of course, if you've floated up or down a couple of places, it will seem like a big deal, but overall, there's not much to write home about. From a personal perspective, the most worrying development is that Simon Woods is now above me in the rankings, meaning that although I have more hair on my face and head than he does on his entire body, he still gets to outrank me on Wikio. I'm saddened that Wikio's complicated algorithm doesn't seem to include some sort of hirsutism index, but still, I'll take what I can get. And so will baldy Woods, no doubt.

More significantly still, looking at the American Wikio beer blogs index, not only are there no overall meta rankings in this Transatlantic duel, but Stan Hieronymus has slipped from 5th to 6th this month. I have also slipped from 5th to 6th this month, which clearly means that, in the absence of comparative data, I'm as good a blogger as Stan Hieronymus. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, I urge you to spread this as gospel truth.

Remember, popularity is no indication of ability or greatness, and vice versa. Keep drinking, keep writing, and most important of all, keep a sense of perspective.

1Pete Brown's Blog
2Pencil & Spoon
3Beer Reviews
4Master Brewer at Adnams
5Drinking Outside The Box
6Are You Tasting the Pith?
7The Good Stuff
8"It's just the beer talking" – Jeff Pickthall's Blog
9Tandleman's Beer Blog
10Bibendum Wine
11The Wine Conversation
12Ghost Drinker
13Called to the bar
14Raising the Bar
15Sour Grapes
19Thornbridge Brewers' Blog
20The Pub Curmudgeon

Ranking made by Wikio


  1. I was under the impression that brewery blogs were something of a no-no these days? Or are other factors in play with BrewDog disappearance?

  2. Al - they just sent me the list. I'm not sure they vet the blogs, they just compile the stats. I'm sure if enough people email them about any perceived irregularities, they'll look at individual cases, but that's just a supposition.

  3. I emailed 3 contacts at Wikio and no-one emailed back.

    Still perplexed as to why we are no longer included when other brewers are.

  4. James is quite right. They should all be kicked out. (-;

    PS Hairiness isn't always a good thing. If ever. Just ask Osama.

  5. Perhaps it is the content of the other brewers blogs that differ james? The brewdog blog, whilst being a really interesting read, primarily promotes brewdog products or events. This is also true for the Adnams blog. They pretty much just tell readers about their products. If this is the reason you were removed then I'd say they should be too.

    But a blog such as the Raising the Bar blog for summerwine and Hardknott Dave's blog are much more general and talk about lots of beers and issues surrounding beer, and dont just promote the companys' products. Blogs such as this are different in my opinion.

    I don't neccesarily think you should have been removed from the rankings, but I 100% think you should have been told why - and then wikio should apply the same rules to other breweries blogs. At present I can see your frustration at being singled out.

  6. In the US, the Oakshire Brewing blog ranks No. 10. Nice people, but a brewery with not nearly the footprint of BrewDog.

    And, Zak, I've been telling I hope to become as good a blogger as Zak Avery, once I learn proper English.

  7. Down one place to 18...I can live with that. I thought I'd have dropped to the 20s-30s. Happy times!

    As for the BrewDog issue, I'm with Neil. If BrewDog are not allowed on the rankings neither should a blog like Adnams. But also James from Summer Wines is fair game as he very rarely mentions their brewery and never tries to sell anything via the blog.

  8. I'd be happy to make the top 100!

  9. p.s. Full Wikio rankings out tomorrow? I'm in the high 20s and would be happy to stay there.

    For now!

  10. Arguably, if brewers are not allowed, then perhaps people who own beer retailing businesses should be kicked out too. Even if they do only own half a fork lift truck.

    Seriously, where do you draw the line? It's a tricky one.

    As for BrewDog, a victim of their own obvious success perhaps? I'd rather have their success than a position on these rankings. Even so, being kicked off without explanation is churlish.

  11. James - I have mentioned the comments on this blog to them, and I would suppose that they might have looked at them.

    Tandleman - I'm not sure OBL was executed without trial, sorry I mean 'brought to justice', just for being hairy.

    Stan - I wish I had a witty retort to that, but the simple fact is I need some advice about brewing with wheat. Do you know anyone who could give me some? [dangerous internet irony]

    Dave - the irony isn't lost on me, especially as just two posts ago I did link to something that I was selling. I think that any bloggers blog to get readers, and beyond that is hard to speculate, We're all promoting brands via our blogs, even if that brand is ourself.

  12. We're all promoting brands via our blogs, even if that brand is ourself.



  13. want yet another blog to read?! This one is worth it! The Sass Monsters blog about beer and much much more!


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