Thursday 21 April 2011

To Cardiff!

Getting ready to go and see Old Cheesy Pockets, I make sure that I have a few gifts that he will appreciate tucked away in the boot of the car. Some pale golden ales will do the job, so Buxton Moor Top, Thornbridge Wild Swan, Ilkley Mary Jane and some Odell IPA (he professes not to like American craft beer).

Of the four beers in the boot, it's not the never-ordinary, ever-dazzling Thornbridge beer that I'm excited about showing him, nor the soon-to-be-crowned-classic Ilkley Mary Jane, but the Buxton Moor Top. I can't think of a beer that is more of the moment than this one. Pale, low %abv, but absolutely stuffed full of hop character, it's at once both no-nonsense and spectacular. I first tried a bottle a little over a year ago, and was then made sure that we had the beer in stock at the Headingley shop as soon as we could. It's a beauty.

If you haven't tried it, you should. If you can't find it, weep no more - we are selling it mail order. In a move that's sure to strip this blog of every vestige of independence, integrity and credibility, I'm delighted to say, BUY IT HERE, NOW!


  1. I was at a Buxton tasting the other night, as I mentioned on the other thread. I haven't blogged it, mainly because I didn't actually like the beers all that much, but I could tell they were good stuff - I'd have the DIPA again (for pleasure) and the BIPA (to confirm my impression that it tasted of about six things at once, or eight once the glass had warmed through). Didn't have the Moor Top, though, so, er, never mind.

  2. Drinking a Axe Edge right now. It's really good, all the things I've heard about the beer being under-carbonated and a little lack-luster are completely false. I just hope they don't have a problem with bottle variation. Full of flavour, packed with fruit and a good alcohol bitterness burn.

  3. Phil - what a splendidly level-headed chap you are, being able to tell that a beer is good, but not enjoying it!

    Ghostie - reports do point to a bit of bottle variation on the Axe Edge, but overall, reports have been overwhelmingly positive.

  4. when not eating cheese i recommend you seek out in cardiff
    easy to find.

  5. They both sound great but I am really looking forward to getting "ruined" by the Axe Edge.
    Buxton's not too far away from me, I'll have to look them up and see if a tour is on the cards or at least a beer shop, could pop into Thornebridge on a round trip tour too...
    This plan I likeee very much..

  6. Couldnt agree more about The Buxton Beers. Excellent, the lot of them! Not so sure about your BD shirt though!

  7. Well, some beers have lots of stuff going on at once, only it's all sort of bouncing around in all directions, and it's anyone's guess which is going to come out on top. (Some past Marble seasonals have been like this.) Others, with just as much going on, seem to hit you with a kind of big bundle of flavours, which unrolls itself as you get down the glass. Perhaps it comes under the heading of 'balance' - in which case both Black Rocks and Axe Edge are extraordinarily well balanced beers.

  8. nice one fella!!! you lost weight or has your beard got longer ;op

  9. An - didn't make it, sadly, too busy lounging around with kids

    Leigh - they're corkers, aren't they? ANd I can't remember what I was wearing, bu I changed into the shirt before the vid, and our again afterwards. Maybe I was wearing a really bad T-shirt?

    Phil - I guess I feel the same these days about really strong beers - impressive, tasty, but not really for me

    Andy - n, I've just got more hair, which makes me look thinner.

  10. Eager to try more of the Buxton beers. Had the black IPA at Planet Thanet and it rocked.


  11. Mark - hoping to get some in bottles with our next order.


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